API access questions for Tyler Technologies creator of MUNIS

Below is an email that I wrote to TylerTech in early July. Summer is nearly over so it’s time to pick back up on this.

UPDATE: I heard back a few days after I posted this and the official response is after my initial email.


I’m a resident of Watertown, MA and a professional software developer. Watertown uses the TylerTech MUNIS system. I have an interest in my local government and helping my fellow residents get improved access to raw information and data currently stored in the MUNIS system. Currently the town auditor and school business administrators are only able to send either PDF or Excel spreadsheets of specific reports that they run.

I’m wondering if there is a more interactive method for citizen software developers to be able to query and understand the data/information that is stored in the MUNIS system.

Does the MUNIS system provide an API (Application Programming Interface) exposed as a web service in one of the more popular forms of either REST or SOAP over HTTP? If there is not currently an API and web service in place where does the priority of this feature exist on the MUNIS development roadmap?


TylerTech response on 08/22/2011

Thank you for your request for information.

We value our relationship with our clients and are committed to protecting their privacy and security protocols.  I have shared your request with the town and would direct you to the Town of Watertown for information regarding your request.

Patty Leino

Patty Leino, HDI-CSR
Senior Technical Support Analyst
Tyler Technologies, Inc.

P: 800.772.2260 ext: 4152
F: 207.781.3585

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  1. Hey Matt…have you had any response from TylerTech on this? Seems like a company targeting government services should have an API strategy / response ready to go. Especially with a tag line like, “Technology with a Purpose, Integration with Ease”.

    I’d like to work on story for blog.programmableweb.com, can you email at kinlane@gmail.com?

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